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Tomasina Winifred Montgomery a. She was the eldest of two children. Her parents were Thomas Montgomey in politics , and the brother of Boxer Bob Montogmery, and her mother Jennie Montgomery who was an actress.
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This is truly a tragic story all the way around, excusing that Tammi was meant to be a star. She was outrageously talented and beautiful. She was originally signed as a solo act in on Motown and she even recorded an album that failed to succeed however when Berry Gordy teamed her up...
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In Memoriam: Kim Shattuck. The beginning of Autumn brings strong Power Pop.
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We are all familiar with their hits. These beautiful and ageless gems are undoubtedly the product of a special kind of love.
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An event which foretold of tragedy in soul music history took place on 14 October In July, the song spent two weeks at No. It had three weeks at No.
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His life began in poverty and ended in tragedy, with extraordinary highs and lows along the way. Here are 20 things you may not know about one of Motown's greatest artists.
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Brain cancer took her life only a month before her twenty-fifth birthday. Suffering from severe migraines from the age of twelve led to speculation that these migraines and the repeated abuse from Brown and others were linked to the cancer that eventually killed her. Renamed Tammi Terrell by Berry Gordy, her career...
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Tammi Terrell born Thomasina Winifred Montgomery ; April 29, — March 16, was an American recording artist, best known as a star singer for Motown Records during the s, most notably for a series of duets with singer Marvin Gaye. After a period attending college, Terrell recorded...
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